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Intimate Apparel Trends: Spring/Summer 2018

Spring and Summer are just a few short months away, bringing fresh lingerie collections! Get ready for an especially innovative and complex approach to fashion in the near future, reflecting a new generation of lucid and modern women. In the warmer seasons, lingerie is a must as it peeks from beneath outerwear as a statement. There will be more variety in color and patterns to complement the diverse range of styles on the market.

See the hottest thematic intimate apparel trends for SS18:


Marine life inspires depth in lingerie designs with materials such as chiffon, lace, and mesh used for an ethereal effect. Organic textures will be channeled through scalloped lace and shell motifs. This sea trend includes a palette of floral hues and aquatic shades such as waterlily, coral blush, milky blue, and persimmon.


This botanical theme draws inspiration from the natural world with floral and earthy tones like bluestone, turtle green, dusty olive, florida keys, and antique moss. See this style layered with sheers such as mesh and tulles for an immersive, yet delicate feel. 


Athletic intimate apparel will continue to undergo technical improvements and stylistic innovation, driven by the rise of health-conscious consumers and the athleisure trend. These garments are made with functional materials such as spandex and power mesh. See it in vibrant colors such as azure blue, summer & jolly green, blazing yellow, fiery red, and florida keys.


Geometric patterns with sharp shapes and edges create powerful visuals that appeal to the new generation that’s keen on combining masculine and feminine elements. Designs are light, soft, and linear, highlighting the feminine form with architectural elements. Symmetrical and asymmetrical cutouts with color combinations and mix-and-match techniques will create graphical effects. This clean-cut style will be expressed in colors like blueberry, pine grove, pirate black, waterlily, and ethereal green.


Eye-catching customization will illustrate the modern embrace of creativity. Expect the unexpected with contrasting materials, colors, and prints, with novel visuals that break the rules. Androgynous references are made with graphic, bold, and fresh aesthetics that deliver a feminist edge.

Classic Romance

Familiar femininity lives on in classically romantic pieces, made with delicate lace, lightweight satin, and understated colors for subtlety. An airy and silkiness is illustrated with colors like pastels, baby blue, rose violet, and anise flower. Sheerness and lace with prints will tell a delicate summer story.


Passion and lust are expressed with deep saturated hues like blueberry, fiery red, violet, and classic black in sensual materials such as satins and high-end lace. Cut-outs, cross straps, and other bold embellishments will expose the skin while carving sexy silhouettes.


Recap of Interfiliѐre New York 2014 with the Intimate Apparel Journal

INY Panorama entry

The Interfiliѐre New York 2014 fabrics show was much busier this time around than it was for its first appearance in North America last year. Andrew Sia greeted visitors from nearby the registration desk, sharing Intimate Apparel Journal pamphlets with professionals who showed interest in our mission to spread a wealth of knowledge throughout the intimate apparel industry. With detailed descriptions and sneak peeks of future articles, those who wanted to learn more about the journal walked away with a better understanding of our purpose. The main focus of the Intimate Apparel Journal is to provide information on the technical, supply chain, and sustainability issues that affect us all in order to strengthen the future of our industry. It was a great fit for this renowned show on textiles, an essential part of an industry that’s now highly aware of the importance of eco-friendly fibers.

INY IAJ Andrew cropped 2

After meeting and greeting over breakfast, the exhibitor show floor opened up for the day. A total of 32 mills from around the world showcased their latest and greatest textiles for swimwear, intimates, and performance apparel. It’s the perfect opportunity to connect buyers and retailers to the fabric mills that provide luxury materials. The garments that will be created with these fabrics will soon define the upcoming 2015 intimate apparel trends.

INY Exhibitors

The events of the day included discussions of trends from several different perspectives within the industry. The first panel of the morning gave a glimpse of the Interfiliѐre Paris 2014 show with a video presented by Eurovet CEO, Marie-Laure Bellon-Homps, illustrating fabrics trends and connecting them to the materials present in the New York show that very day. Later that morning, INVISTA presented their new LYCRA Brand Strategy along with a speech titled “How we look at Technology & Innovation as a Company.” Just after noon, the Proexport Colombia Luncheon showcased opportunities within Colombia’s textile and apparel industry for international investors, along with trends in the industry.


The fabrics were all gorgeous, and many were incredibly soft and durable. Patterns ranged from stripes and polka dots to floral and leopard prints with a side of abstract combinations. Bright neon colors were often combined into visually wild patterns that would be perfect for a fun summer swimsuit! Another noticeable color trend was the classic monochromatic black and white. Everywhere you turned, there was a variety of colors in all shades and hues. There were earthy greens and browns, sandy beiges and navy blues, bright neon yellows, greens, pinks, oranges, and teals, sultry reds and majestic purples. The embroidery was more intricate than ever, edged with gorgeous trims and layered with innovative designs that will certainly add to the depth and elegance of the garments they will be used for.

INY Fabrics

As the exhibitors wrapped up business and packed up their booths, Interfiliѐre began serving up drinks for their cocktail and networking reception. Many of us were thrilled to help ourselves to the trays of the delicious and sparkling drink of the evening, blood orange Bellini. With an hour of refreshments and conversation, the crowd unwound after a long and exciting day of work.

INY blood orange Bellini

The evening ended with a final seminar on retail trends, delivered by Marshall Cohen. He described the ever-changing trends in sales, highlighting each aspect he believed hid opportunities for improvement. As the years go by, consumer behaviors change. Shouldn’t retailers naturally follow suit? In the past, it was common for sales to fluctuate between “bra years and panty years.” In 2013 and 2014, it was both! There’s also a growing trend for retailers to push holidays sales earlier than ever in an effort to compete with online sales. Another interesting fact Marshall Cohen pointed out was the lack of synchrony between shopping and shipping. As far as apparel goes, consumers tend to purchase what they need when they need it 10/12 months of the year. However, most shipping is done off-season. The shipping of merchandise is only in sync with consumer shopping 3/12 of the months in a year.


Do you think that shipping should be synchronized with shopping in order to better meet consumer demand? Is there anything in particular you hope to see change in the industry? Please share your thoughts in the comments!


Terri Fisher

Who pays regular price for ANYTHING anymore? Everyone wants a deal, and the world of off-price and outlet stores has become a viable, successful part of the intimate apparel industry.

What is off-price retailing? Brand name merchandise perceived to be of great value
at bargain prices. These stores started out with over-runs and opportunistic buying but, as they expanded to multiple locations, this was no longer possible. They had
to either manufacture the goods themselves or negotiate arrangements with the brands to manufacture goods for them. These stores have very aggressive inventory management usually with high turnover. Low cost structure allows them to sell goods to the consumer at 25-60% off department store ticket prices. The average off-price customers are female, aged 25-54 years old from middle to upper middle income households, both fashion and value conscious.

There are many kinds of off-price retailers: Big off-price stores, Outlet stores, and hybrid department/off-price stores that offer low prices every day. Let’s be real … you can get amazing deals in almost every store today due to lower store and mall traffic and the relentless pressure to move goods. I was recently in a well- known store where half the merchandise was marked as clearance, with much of the product at 65% off the original price PLUS an additional 20% off if you used their credit card. This equates to 72% off and the style choices were endless in all departments including intimates. Forget a “slice” of off-price, you can almost have THE WHOLE PIE!


Learn more about intimate apparel in leading off-price department stores with the rest of Terri Fisher’s article in the September 2014 issue of the Intimate Apparel Journal.

See a summary of the topics in the September 2014 issue.

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Compelling Bra Trends 2014

In the July 2014 issue of the Intimate Apparel Journal, we list of some of the most notable trends in bras today!
Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 1.54.18 PM

Sports bra resurgence – Lots of colors, most with removable pads, softer, more figure enhancing versus figure squashing. vSX sports bras are one of the new leaders, and Dillard’s Modern Movement sports bra are also a must-see. Under Armour is moving fast to catch up and dominate this category.

Bandeaus are back – Of course they have never left at Fashion Forms, but they are now showing up everywhere in all-over laces and padded in the sportswear and junior shops as well as intimate apparel departments.

Longer line bras – They are now made with softer fabrics and laces and the styling is coming back. They look outrageously sexy when done in lace and enhance natural body shapes. Nordstrom has quite a selection of these.

The T-shirt bra – They are also making a comeback thanks to Victoria’s Secret’s new campaign. The bra was born in 1990 at Cacique/Limited and changed the bra industry in a big way. You can say that I am biased because my team and I at Cacique invented this phenomenon.

Don’t forget about lace chemises – All-over soft laces showing up in hot colors in many stores. Some of the best are by Honeydew, Betsy Johnson and In Bloom.

See what other intimate news covered in the July 2014 issue of our journal!

Intimate Apparel Trends: Spring/Summer 2014

Global lingerie for Spring and Summer 2014 is riddled with gorgeous pastels, floral prints, galactic inspiration, earthy themes, and many more beautiful and innovative designs. See all of the trends on Global Intimate Wear!


“What stands out on the horizon of 2014? The craving to push back demarcation lines will continue to grow. Now seen more and more as a true parallel wardrobe, bodywear hops between interior and exterior, week and weekend, work and relaxation, day and night, city and vacation… A spirit of well being and comfort, filled with motifs and colours borrowed from the arts, from traditions and different cultures.”

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