by Andrew Sia


Do you know the composition of the generations of the U.S. population? First, let’s define these generations.

• Greatest generation (1901 to 1924)
• Silent generation (1925 to 1945)
• Baby Boomers (1946 to 1964)
• Generation X (1965 to 1976)
• Millennials (1977 to 1995)
o Younger Millennials (age 18 to 27)
o Older Millennials (age 28 to 36)
• Generation Z (1996 to present)

The following is the U.S. population by generation:

Below is the number of years each generation lasted:
• Baby Boomers – 19 years
• Generation X – 12 years
• Millennials – 19 years
• Generation Z – 22 years and still going

Here is the present age of each generation:
• Boomers – early 50s to 70s
• X Generations – 40s to just reaching 50
• Millennials – 21 to 39
• Z Generations – just reaching their 20s

The purpose here is to find out consumer trends based on these different demographics with the hope of identifying their affordability and preferences so we can start to serve them more meaningful products that fit their lifestyle.

First let’s delve into each generation, from 1946 to the present – a total of 70 years…

Some Facts and Figures

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