by Andrew Sia

Introduction – The exhibition is now in its 5th year and this time it was held in Miami from November 26 to December 6, 2016. I am attaching content from the Exhibition to be used for this report knowing that the content is very rich and original, plus there is no one better way to tell the story other than to show the full exhibition that featured 100 pieces of French lingerie but also the artists who took part in the show. I’ve also enclosed some pictures that I took.

My contact at the show, Catherine Ormen, was introduced to our readers through her book “French Lingerie 19th to 21st Century,” which we reviewed in our May 2014 issue. Catherine showed me around to explain all the gadgets that they’ve added. I’m referring to the modern chronological and thematic displays that allowed us to follow the history effortlessly. I found this virtual tour to be very interesting. The continued use of the QR code makes our lives easier.

The past five years, the LINGERIE FRANFÇAISE EXHIBITION WORLD TOUR has toured the following world cities:

Catherine Ormen, Curator of the show

• 2012 – Paris; London; Shanghai; Dubai
• 2013 – Berlin; New York; Toronto; Moscow
• 2014 – Barcelona; Tokyo
• 2015 – Milano
• 2016 – Miami

Last but not the least I would like to mention that the Sagamore Hotel is a perfect place for an exhibition like this. To my knowledge it hosts art exhibitions on a regular basis and also serves as an art gallery in its own right.

I’ve attached some pictures I captured during my visit…

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