European Lingerie History, Part 3

by Simone Gerschitzka

My “View” is different this time, as I work a lot outside my office. You can still see snow on the mountains here in the South of Switzerland. It’s nice and warm though, and as we are very close to Milan, I’m sure I will seek out the latest spring fashion trends any time now.

Continuing our European Lingerie History with Part 3, I would like to present the following brands: La Perla from Italy; Susa, Felina and Naturana from Germany; and the Chantelle Group, Simone Pérèle and Eres from France.

Nowadays, the Chantelle Group is probably the biggest in terms of number of labels. It houses Chantal Thomass, Passionata, Darjeeling, Femilet, Livera and Orcanta, serving a very broad range of different end consumers, from highest luxury looks to everyday collections.

La Perla became part of Pacific Global Management, which allows the fabulous brand to spread its wings again all over the world, with the anticipated opening of even more luxury boutiques, attracting consumers to explore their very directional and innovative pieces.

All the brands mentioned in this article play an essential part in forming the industry in its early beginnings, between the 1880s and 1950s, building on tradition, craft and the sheer necessity to survive as well as using the opportunity of a newly gained free spirit after the wars, enabling people to work on their ideas, laying the company foundations and believing in their dreams…

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