by Andrew Sia

In our last issue I wrote that athleisure is the only business to see growth in the garment industry. Then I heard talk of athleisure’s impending death. I believe athleisure is entering into a new phase and those that survive the serious competition will be part of a strong area that we haven’t seen in a long time.

This category is not just a trend but is becoming a lifestyle choice favored by people who believe in health, wellness and fitness. Athleisure offers a lifestyle with comfort and performance at all times.

The global footwear market is worth $1.7 trillion and the global sportswear market is $282 billion. For sportswear, one in every six dollars is spent globally on apparel and footwear combined. This is the business we should go for, especially since it’s within our production capabilities.

India is growing at 22% with China at 12%. These two are the most populous countries and together they account for 35% of the world’s total population.

Athleisure is certainly the influencer. We already know that the denim business has lost ground to athleisure. Stretch denim has been around for a long time, and is more effective performance-wise and highly regarded as the attire for workouts.

We are beginning to see non-sports brands and stores moving in the athleisure direction…

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