Gossard Wonderbra

by David Morris


Invented in 1963 by Canadian designer, Louise Poirier. According to Wonderbra USA “this unique garment, the forerunner of today’s Wonderbra push-up bra had 54 design elements that lifted and supported the bust to create dramatic cleavage. Its precision engineering involved three-part cup construction, precision-angled back and underwire cups, removable pads called cookies, gate back back design for support, and rigid straps.”

When David Morris joined Gossard UK in 1971, the Gossard brand was owned by Courtaulds. Gossard had recently bought the Wonderbra license from Canadian Lady and David was one of the team that adapted the bras t for the UK market.

When Gossard released the Wonderbra in the UK in the autumn of 1971 its sales were astonishing, at a sales price of £3.17s.6d in old currency it represented 15% of most professional women’s weekly salary, despite this Gossard struggled to keep pace with the orders…

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