“Materialize Your Idea!” is the mantra of the recently established Centre of Innovative Material and Technology (CIMT) at the Hong Kong Design Institute, a material resources interactive learning platform that makes a difference.

The fast-growing material industry has resulted in a huge variety of material choices. Apart from conventional materials, there are more innovative, lesser known materials available in the market with great potential for design and innovative use. Many material producers have reflected that the knowledge of materials is often transferred incorrectly to the users, resulting in excessive or improper usage due to a lack of understanding.

At present, there are limited systematic material libraries or material centers in Hong Kong that can house a broad collection of design materials and relevant information. Local students and designers often acquire news and inventions of material from trade shows, trend forecasting services and magazines, fabric suppliers, etc. However, most of these sources are specialized for a limited number of stakeholders and they are not systematically centralized, time-wise and location-wise.

The CIMT was established to serve all design disciplines from interior design/ construction materials to advanced fabrics, allowing interdisciplinary design activities and knowledge exchange through multi-material applications. The official opening took place on April 7, 2017, with a mission to serve as a platform for knowledge exchange for design, innovative processes and materiality. The CIMT is dedicated to higher education and creative professionals, allowing students, teachers, alumni, design practitioners and other materials users to review state-of-the-art resources, putting the latest and most exclusive materials at their fingertips…

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