by Andrew Sia


In this issue, we have reports of the trade shows that have recently taken place. These are international trade shows attracting key industry players, and providing a showcase for our unique business in lingerie and textiles.

• Interfiliere in Paris (July) – by Simone Gerschitzka
• CurveNY: Part 1 – The Colombia Lingerie Brands (August) – by Camille Block
• CurveNY: Part 2 – The Selected Bra Collections – by Camille Block
• Magic Sourcing 2017 in Las Vegas (August): The Colombia Textile Mills – by Andrew Sia

At this juncture, I would like to give special credit to the trade show organizer, Eurovet with headquarters in Paris. For many years, Eurovet has actively encouraged the modernization of the industry, identified the needs of the different market segments, and organized the common ground for the global players.

With the exception of CurveNY in August, which was a show for lingerie, all the other shows were dedicated to the supply chain for fabrics and trims. I consider fabrics and trims to be the backbone of our industry, this from someone who came from the supply side. It is very important to participate in the tradeshows; there is so much to learn, and many opportunities to interact when all the major players come together.

Innovation, development, design and supply are the four key elements. The global slowdown due to the economy, the contraction of consumer spending, and the price war between traditional retailers and their online competition – know that, without any of these challenges, the market can be quite monotonous.

I hope you find the reports that follow most interesting…

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