Special Articles

Or should we say Quality Control Curiosities? Check out these measuring systems from the not-too-distant past and if, and how far, they made it to market.

Read this technical piece on product data management, the use of a software package to track and control information related to an Intimate Apparel product, and how it may affect…

A bra that can support 112 pounds? Lingerie printied in 3D? Check out the new products charging onto the scene.

Take an early look at the inspiration behind the Intimate Apparel Journal. Publisher Andrew Sia recounts his hopes and plans for the at-the-time fledgling publication.

Take a trip back in time – 1963 to be exact - and read what the editors of Corsetry and Underwear magazine had to say about the state of the…

The one and only Kestos bra from the 1930s serves as the focal point for this article on silk lingerie, the proper way to design, paint and dye is all…

Publisher Andrew Sia explains the changes to the journal after the first year of publication, namely its move to a quarterly publication and the addition of several new topics.

The collective work of the students in the Global Fashion Management program at Hong Kong Polytechnic. Their research and subsequent presentation focuses on Inditex and its Zara label.

This article looks at how a new UK lingerie brand secures small production runs. For the piece, both the product discussed and the individual designer remain anonymous.