by Andrew Sia

When we talk about the Pearl River Delta, Shenzhen, the country’s first special economic zone will come to mind. Also described as the most successful economic enterprise, Shenzhen is located in the Guangdong province. The Pearl River Delta overflows the province and the tributaries flow towards the South China Sea. Shenzhen is the crown jewel of Guangdong.

It began in 1978 when Deng Xiaoping liberated the economy and began the reforms that enabled Shenzhen to operate as a freewheeling hub. It arose on the crest of globalization, enjoying an open trade policy, which made Shenzhen unique. Early reformers pushed ahead with certain policies (often unauthorized,) encouraging direct foreign investment. What resulted is that most of part of this region’s economy is entirely in the hand of the private sector, whereas much of China is still dominated by state-owned enterprises.

Since 1978, the PRD has become the leading economic region and the major manufacturing hub in China, and in the world, with Hong Kong playing the pivotal role of economic gateway to attract foreign and mainland investors.

Brief history:

Because the PRD is part of China, we can’t omit China in the big picture. Below is a brief history (or as brief as a 4,000 year history can be,) of China…

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